We see the ‘coding for all’ movement as more than…

We see the ‘coding for all’ movement as more than just a boutique reform ‘to equip young children and youth with the computational skills that will prepare them for the labor market in the 21st century.’ We have a broader vision, because we see computer science as neither ‘coding’ nor computer literacy alone.

Being a digital native today isn’t just about browsing the web, using technology to communicate, or participating in gaming networks. It really involves knowing how things are made, breaking down and solving problems, designing systems, contributing through making, and understanding social and ethical ramifications. We see how computers in any form and place have become an inextricable part of our social lives—not just how we interact but also how we contribute.

CS education needs to become the next literacy because everyone, not just the monied elite in Silicon Valley, needs to have a voice in making the digital publics livable spaces for all. Digital technologies are not just a workforce issue. They are deeply embedded in the ways we live, work, play, socialize, learn, and teach. Students not only need to learn how to participate in, but also how to make, the digital world they live in.

– Jane Margolis & Yasmin Kafai / ”Why the ‘coding for all’ movement is more than a boutique reform” (via rothkotoast)