ULTRAMAR by Gustavo Lopes Pereira | Memory as history

by Gustavo Lopes Pereira

From 31st of March to 12th of April 2022
Rua de Ponta Delgada 26A, Lisbon

This project uses photography to document the lingering presence of Africa in families that returned to Portugal after the 25th of April 1974. Through the creation of a photographic archive, the project attempts to capture evidence of this presence in various dimensions of everyday life. In conversations around the table, in everyday objects, in photographs and texts, in food, in relationships and behaviors, Africa makes itself felt, sometimes unexpectedly and violently. Some families seem to have never arrived from overseas.

FAULT / FALHA is a creative project that explores the fragmentation and discontinuity of space, discourse, culture, and community – everywhere in the world.
We invited five distinguished artists to interpret and explore this theme.
Their work will be exhibited at our gallery in Lisbon between November 2021 and February 2022.