The Retail Resurgence

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The pandemic has upended the retail industry, with supply chains in disarray and consumers flocking to new ways to shop in droves. This is your guide to how retail comes back.

Almost overnight, businesses had to ramp up plans for curbside delivery, in-store pickup and contactless payments while dealing with new safety protocols and the logistical nightmare of getting products on shelves. Companies had to come up with new ways to stay in touch with customers when they couldn’t connect in person and figure out how to get them to keep shopping in the midst of growing economic uncertainty.

Protocol spoke with leaders across retail to learn about the technology they’re using to see out the pandemic, and what may change forever as a result. They outlined three major areas to watch:

  1. The supply chain
  2. The shopping experience
  3. The new customer relationship

Ecommerce is eating the retail world, read more.