The Next Social Graph: Splits, Supports and Attributions

Screenshot 2021-05-26 003112

So this new graph isn’t about who you ‘friend’ or follow, but who you attribute, who you support, and who inspires and supports you. Not as social gestures, but inscribed in smart contracts that deliver economic benefits.

Splits, supports and attributions are the pillars of a new Web based on NFT economics. Leapfrogging the fragility of links, we can permanently record these more meaningful associations on the blockchain. Instead of a business based on traffic funnels and user-data harvesting, we can have transparent financial flows. The practice and culture of sharing ownership and credit can change the incentives of creation. Through an architecture of composable ideas, we can add to and amplify each other’s efforts that build a tower of innovative work, solidly established on the recognition and reward of its foundations.

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