The New Attack Surface is Your Life

From business email compromise to SIM ports, cyberattacks have shifted from networks to you. And it’s been an incredibly profitable pivot. How can you protect yourself when the new attack surface is your life? In the never-ending game of cybersecurity cat-and-mouse, what trends are in the good guys’ favor? In this talk, Martin Casado discusses how individuals are being hacked, how breaches of an individual can negatively affect the companies they work for and the variety of tools you should use to protect yourself and your organization.

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Attacks have shifted from your company’s network to you [0:55]
How much it costs to break into a device [2:55]
How much it costs to hack you [3:58]
Business email compromise (BEC) is a $26B business [4:58]
Why BEC victims tend to be small to medium-sized businesses [5:40]
Phishing sites have replaced malware sites as the point of access [6:38]
Breaking down SIM port attacks (e.g. SIM swapping/jacking) [7:45]
One of the largest tech breaches started with photos from a company BBQ [11:00]
Enterprise-grade security as consumer products [12:4017]
Products and services which help secure against attacks [13:30]
Hardware keys for 2FA [15:23]
How to set up a detection trap [16:25]
Physical security improvements are also being consumerized [18:20]

Pull quotes
“En masse, attackers are moving from these traditional targets of companies and systems and actually are focusing on you.”
“Targeting you is both incredibly cheap, but also insanely profitable.”
“I worked for the intelligence community from 2001 to 2003. These were the type of attacks that we would see nation-states do to each other. I had no idea that they would start happening down the street.”
“There are solutions to pretty much every one of these attacks that’s very simple to use… If you don’t take care of your own kind of digital personal life, the company will lose herd immunity.”