The Building Blocks of Tech

Only 0.5% of the world’s population knows how to code, and the U.S. graduates only ~150,000 computer science graduates each year. Historically, problems that can be solved with technology have been bounded by the number of people able to code.

In the 1950s, kids grew up playing with Legos; this was a fit for a world centered around manufacturing and industrial work.

In the 1970s, kids grew up tinkering with personal computers like the Commodore 64; this lay the foundation for a generation of entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Today’s kids grow up building in Roblox, mirroring the rise of low code / no code in the startup ecosystem and signaling how everyone is now able to manipulate and create software. The 12-year-old who spends her free time building games in Roblox will become the 22-year-old who builds her company’s business apps in Airtable.

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