The Bling Dynasty

China's New Rich
Leisure is a new concept in China and until recently, wealth was associated with flaunting luxury brands that one could afford, but because of China’s high concentration of millionaires and billionaires, luxury goods are not as exclusive anymore. Delphine Lignières, Founder and CEO of China Rendez-Vous Ltd., the company hosting the event, says, “Luxury is no longer associated with a collection of external signs of wealth, luxury is now sharing experiences and pleasure.” These new rich are taught not just about boats and private planes, but how to truly live the life of luxury, from watching polo, to enjoying caviar and vintage cigars, with the theme: Don’t work so hard Chinese, just buy our products so you can enjoy life like us rich French folks.

“Luxury in China is not frivolous. It is not superficial. Luxury is a tool of success on the battlefield of life.” – Tom Doctoroff, CEO J.W.T. Asia Pacific The Chinese are becoming richer at a faster pace than any other country in the world.