The Blind List | Lapalux – Total Reality, Total Chaos (Part II)

Alexander was late for his social security appointment, he had to go to make sure he wasn’t ghosting public services. But he knew he could arrive in 15 minutes so it wasn’t that serious. Lapalux started playing, and the turbulence of the Sintra Line seemed more spacious, the suburbs were poetic and its buildings were the metallic flutes playing in Total Reality, Total Chaos (Part II). Yes, it was beautiful, and the line jumper at the ticket office would not ruin his day, the sun was bright and the chaos of buildings running through the train windows seemed to slow down assuring Alexander that the trivial and the mundane are beautiful. But they weren’t, Alexander became a ghost to the social security thanks to the line jumper. He faded out home, with a new appointment in 3 months, till then he will remain a spook.

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