Sound Particles 2.1 – The Ultimate 3D Audio Software

Sound Particles 2.1 is OUT!

The ultimate 3D audio software, used in all major Hollywood studios, has a new version with lots of new functionalities! Check it out at:

Besides the new Sound Particles 2.0 features (CGI Integration, Real-time Rendering, Binaural Monitoring, both macOS and Windows Support, Ambisonics and surround file import), Sound Particles 2.1 adds:

-New Audio Engine: Completely rewritten 3D audio engine, optimized for smoothness, efficiency and maximized sonic precision;
-Batch Processing: Create hundreds of variations with just a few clicks and let the software do the rest;
-Enhanced Automation: Faster and simpler way to adjust your parameters over time;
-Track Presets and User Templates: Improve your workflow by saving your preferred settings from track to track, and session to session. We even give you over 100 presets of our own to get your ideas started!

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