Soto Asa y La Zowi – Smartphone | GALLERY SESSION

Soto Asa and La Zowi performing “Smartphone”, from Soto’s latest mixtape “Coupé”

Welcome to Gallery. A Window display to showcase talent to the world. Live Music Sessions, recorded in different window displays around the world.

Artists: Soto Asa & La Zowi

Artist: Soto Asa
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Youtube: @DeLaPlasa

Artist: La Zowi
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Youtube: @LaZowiVEVO

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Concept: White Horse & Folch
Director: Pol González Novell
Camera Operators: Juju Lutti & Bernat Mestres
Camera Assistant: Pol Renom & Pablo Carpal
Eléctricos: Alex Gràcia / Pau Carné / Yago Ruiz
Sound: Angel Sound Studio
Final Master: The Groove Sound
Music Supervisor: Recordplay uk
Production: White Horse (Natalia Triviño, Ferran Bassaganyes, Tamara Raimondi)
Executive Producers: Albert Folch / Rafa Martínez / Pol González Novell
Art Direction: Folch
Project Manager: Genís Pena
Makeup: Mariona Botella
Stylist: Andrea Ramil
Stylist Assistant: Júlia Puig
Editing: Pablo Carpal & Pol González Novell
Photography: Manu de León
Light Collaboration with Protopixel
Top & Skirt Syndical Chamber
Boots OnRush
Underwear Eme Erree Studio
Earrings & Ring Agustina Ros

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