Rage Against the Machine – Live at Alpine Valley – 2022.07.09 [Full Show]

Rage Against the Machine
Alpine Music Theater
East Troy, Wisconsin


1. Public Service Announcement Intro
2. Bombtrack
3. People of the Sun
4. Bulls on Parade
5. Bullet in the Head
6. Revolver (Intro Only)
7. Testify
8. Tire Me
9. Wake Up
10. Guerrilla Radio
11. Without a Face
12. Know Your Enemy
13. Calm Like A Bomb
14. Sleep Now in the Fire
15. War Within a Breath
16. The Ghost of Tom Joad
17. Freedom
18. Township Rebellion (outro)
19. Killing in the Name (recorded in the pit and while waving a flag on top of someone’s shoulders)

I cannot believe I’ve been waiting for this nearly eleven years!! What an absolute blast of a weekend. I’ve been hanging out with an absolute amazing crew and this show was a blast. A huge shout out to Anthony, Joe, Skeeter, Pati, and Sunny (Hate5Six) for making this such an unforgettable weekend!

We got to Alpine Valley right before 3PM and set up shop in the very back of the parking lot in the shade. After sitting for awhile we heard what we thought was the band sound checking so we went over to see what was going on. We got to hear a few songs sound checked, including Bombtrack, No Shelter (only the intro), The Ghost of Tom Joad, and Testify. Bombtrack was first had Zack on vocals and hearing that made it real for me. The others were only instrumentals but I lost my shit hearing No Shelter and Tom Joad, two songs I never expected to hear live.

After what seemed like forever we eventually went inside. I set up shop against the back rail center-ish for both RTJ and Rage. At 9:20 the lights dimmed and we began to hear Zack over the PA. I couldn’t make out what he was saying but it gave me chills. It was finally happening!!! His speech ended with saying “This is a Public Service announcement” and then the band came out and I nearly cried. The band opened with Bombtrack and then proceeded to play one of the best sets I’ve ever seen them do. The band was TIGHT – Zack was jumping and running around like a maniac, Tim was pounding the bass, Tom was destroying the guitar, and Brad was holding everything together. This IMO blew their other shows out of the water between 2007-2011. Mad props to the practice they’ve been putting in as it definitely shows.

In terms of the recording it reflects what I heard. However, for Killing what I did was abandon my spot, went into the pit, and had Joe, Skeeter, and Anthony lift me up where I waved the legendary Che flag. It was an honor to be able to wave that at a show. I was lifted up twice for that and it was the highlight of the show for me. Zack looked straight at me, we made eye contact. Security was NOT happy and I had to go down. The mics flew off my hat which is why things get chaotic but I don’t think you’re going to find anyone else with Schoeps doing that.

I also filmed the show in 4K. Will be sharing that as well!

This is just the first of 50 more shows. If the soundcheck is any indication there is some WILD stuff on the way 🙂