Meth Country – An Unstoppable Epidemic

While the war on opioids rages on in America, meth is making a comeback. Legislation around the war on drugs has shifted dramatically in the decade since Congress first went after meth, with states like California passing laws that let people in the possession of meth back out on the street with just a ticket. Since the Patriot Act was passed, it’s become harder for meth manufacturers in the US to get their hands on the precursor chemicals to make the product, and with such huge demand, the manufacturing has moved to Mexico where production has exploded. Mexican cartels have begun mass-producing and exporting the deadly drug and meth has never been purer, cheaper, or more lethal as a result. This has had a major effect not only in the US but in Mexico as well, where meth labs are so ubiquitous that consumption from Mexican nationals is seeing a spike.

METH COUNTRY tracks the modern-day flow of meth from Mexico into the United States and the consumption of the drug in both countries. We start in Culiacán, Mexico in the meth labs of the Cartel, before following the drug to Fresno, CA—America’s “meth capital.” There, we talk to ex-Sinaloa mules, spend time with street-level dealers and addicts, and embed with law enforcement as they raid local stash houses. METH COUNTRY is a holistic look at meth’s violent and deadly comeback.

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