Livestreaming report: The sudden rise of sleep streaming; GTA role-playing; Twitch keeps growing

Sleep streaming has apparently been happening on the margins of the Twitch scene for a little while now. Between them, Rinauldo and Ahgren created enough of a sudden spike in sleep-related viewing that it became statistically significant, and analysts subsequently noticed that they were inexplicably not the only people doing it.

In a way, this isn’t that weird. Since the start of the Internet, there’s been a peculiar fascination among users with vicarious looks into other people’s lives. Part of what’s kept the Just Chatting category No. 1 on Twitch for most of the last year amid the pandemic is a desire for simulated human contact, as vloggers hold onto big audience numbers by doing mundane tasks around their homes.

This data is from the latest State of the Stream report, which covers what happened in March in the world of livestreaming.