“I Hope That Muslim Women Feel Seen, Empowered and Proud” – An Interview With Sana Amanat, Co-Creator of Ms. Marvel


No group should be painted with one brush. We’ve known that since the inception of the comics and we knew we would deal with many different experiences. Islam is a pluralistic faith and I strongly believe that we are not a monolith. We have different people embracing different ways to express their faith and we wanted the show to be able to encompass that.

I think that’s why it was incredibly important to me for Nakia to be a Hijabi but also very modern, someone who loves fashion, very much a feminist and she runs for the mosque board. Then, Kamala comes from a different perspective as she doesn’t cover her hair and still goes to the mosque, but like, how religious is she? I don’t know. Everyone is coming from very different perspectives.