How Frank Ocean producer Malay creates lo-fi textures | Arturia V Collection

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Malay (Frank Ocean, Lorde, Amine) is known for the vintage, warm soundscapes of lo-fi he brings to his productions, a signature he’s crafted in works like Blonde or Channel Orange. His textures are due in no small part to the Arturia V Collection, with its candy store of faithful vintage synthesizer recreations popping up in nearly every track he’s ever done. To celebrate the release of the full V Collection and his pack on Splice, join us in Malay’s studio as he walks us through how he creates his signature sound and plays with a few of his favorite patches (like the VOX Continental Organ or the Minimoog) from V Collection.

Arturia V Collection 7 has 24 instruments in total featuring recreations of iconic instruments such as the Mellotron, Synthi AKS, Jupiter 8, Buchla Music Easel, Minimoog, Prophet 5, Modular Moog & many more.

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