Full Concert: The Music of Miles Davis – Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis

From the Vault: The Music of Miles Davis
Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis
Rose Theater
Nov. 18, 2018

4:17 – Deception (Composer: Miles Davis; arranger: Gerry Mulligan)
11:19 – Boplicity (Comp.: Miles Davis; arr.: Gil Evans)
17:01 – Half Nelson (Comp.: Miles Davis; arr.: Sherman Irbu)
25:12 – Gone (Comp.: Hayward Dubose, George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin; arr.: Gil Evans)
32:28 – Something Else (Comp.: Miles Davis; arr.: Chris Crenshaw)
45:44 – Milestones (Comp.: Miles Davis; arr.: Chris Crenshaw)
57:00 – Seven Steps to Heaven (Comp.: Miles Davis, Victor Feldman; arr.: Ted Nash)
1:05:08 – Eighty-One (Comp.: Miles Davis, Ron Carter; arr.: Marcus Printup)
1:12:37 – Joshua (Comp.: Miles Davis, Victor Feldman; arr.: Carlos Henriquez)
1:21:39 – Drad Dog (Comp.: Miles Davis; arr.: Gil Evans)
1:28:39 – Tout de Suite (Comp.: Miles Davis; arr.: Gil Evans)
1:42:53 – Wrinkle (Comp.: Miles Davis; arr.: Gil Evans)

The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis performs Miles Davis’ groundbreaking music from the 1940s–60s. Davis’ work during these years is unparalleled in its stylistic range, impact, and enduring popularity, and this show will explore the pivotal musical moments on his quest towards innovation.

After demonstrating Davis’ early bebop stylings, as heard in songs like “Little Willie Leaps,” the JLCO will move on to the rich, textured arrangements of Birth of the Cool, showcasing the unconventional brass instrumentation that gave it its unique sound. You will hear landmark pieces from Davis’ “first great quintet,” including his initial experiment with modal jazz in 1958’s “Milestones”—a style fleshed out further in Davis’ 1959 landmark, Kind of Blue.

Davis stayed ahead of the curve throughout the 1960s, offering a preview of the sounds that would gain popularity in years to come. The JLCO will show you this progression, revisiting the “second great quintet’s” brand of swinging, avant-garde eclecticism as well as the earliest traces of Davis’ transition into electric jazz. For this last component, the JLCO will perform an expansive arrangement of “Toute de Suite”. This was one of the last recordings of the 2nd great Miles Davis Quintet featuring Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, Wayne Shorter and Tony Williams.

This timeless music remains enormously popular among both hardcore jazz fans and casual listeners, and this concert will provide you with new perspective on each composition and creative breakthrough.

Sherman Irby – alto saxophone
Ted Nash – alto saxophone
Victor Goines – tenor saxophone
Camille Thurman – tenor saxophone
Paul Nedzela – baritone & alto saxophones, bass clarinet

Ryan Kisor
Kenny Rampton
Marcus Printup
Wynton Marsalis

Vincent Gardner
Chris Crenshaw
Elliot Mason

Dan Nimmer – piano
Carlos Henriquez – bass
Willie Jones III – drums

Cat Henry – Vice President, Concerts and Touring
Eric D. Wright – Director, Concerts and Touring Operations
Justin Bias – Concert Producer
Edmundo Montoya – Production Manager
Zak Al-Alami – Lighting Director
David Robinson – Sound Engineer
Billy Banks – Stage Manager
Terry Hampton – Assistant Stage Manager
Greg Mccrossan – Artist Assistant
Jason Olaine – Director, Programming and Touring
Kay Wolff, Christi English – Music Administration
Georgina Javor – Assistant Director, Programming

Len Reggio – Executive Producer
Justin Bias – Producer
James Sapione – Director
Rob Macomber – Chief Engineer
James P. Nichols – Mix and Engineering
Hiram Becker, Steven Marchiarullo – Camera Operator
Brandon Smith – Webcast Assistant

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