Four Trends in Consumer Tech

Now that mobile has finished taking over the world and it seems like everyone has a Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, and Uber account, is consumer tech over? Despite the sometimes gloomy headlines, there’s a lot of innovation brewing just below the surface. From the rise of “super-apps” to the implications of video apps like TikTok, Connie Chan will take us on a whirlwind tour on where consumer tech is headed.

The 4 consumer trends to keep an eye on [0:33]
Defining the Super App concept and how it’s executed [1:33]
Exploring the concept of SuperApp through the use case of Mietuan in China [2:25]
Outlining your Super App Strategy [4:20]
Data assets: How to discover yours using Spotify as a case study [5:00]
How our video apps will become product integrated commerce centers [6:24]
Exploring the new “farm to table” model enabled by short video apps [6:56]
Augmented reality: how tech integrates into our physical world [8:30]
Current examples of how facial recognition is being used in business today [9:10]
How “Earshare” is the new “Mindshare” and what it means for businesses and marketers [10:16]
The Knowable app as an example of audio-first business strategy [12:02]
How we bring offline models of business to digital technologies [14:35]

Pull Quotes
“You see, super apps are here to stay and the big internet giants in the States already get it. This trend is coming from East to West. So, what does that mean for all of us here?”

“The offline world always understood how to think in a customer-centric way, as opposed to a product-centric way. That’s why you buy magazines at the grocery store.”

“We’re gonna see more tech and software permeate our physical worlds. And we’re all going to start figuring out that super apps means we need to work together.”