FAULT / FALHA – Podcast | Arianna Traviglia – Discovering cultural heritage from the space

FAULT / FALHA – Podcast | Temporada 2 – Episódio 3

Archaeology is the intersection of many disciplines, both in humanities and in sciences and, in the last decade, in technology as well.
Dr Arianna Traviglia’s work is placed at this intersection, and most of her research focuses on mediating the inclusion of digital practices within the study and management of cultural heritage.

She leads the Center for Cultural Heritage Technology, based in Venice, the satellite center of the Italian Institute of Technology in charge of the Cultural Landscape Scanner project, carried out in collaboration with the European Space Agency.
Their work in the center focuses on the preservation, conservation and analysis of cultural heritage through Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Robotics and Material Science.
The aim of the project is to create an algorithm which brings them all together through AI with a common purpose: detecting archaeological sites still buried underground.

In this conversation, recorded in Venice in July 2021, we talked about the technologies which are shaping the archeology of the 21st century, the challenges of AI and the need of interconnection between humanities and hard sciences.