Fall; or, Dodge in Hell: A Novel | Neal Stephenson | Talks at Google

Neal Stephenson – the visionary #1 New York Times bestselling, critically acclaimed author of Seveneves, Reamde, Cryptonomicon, and Snow Crash – talks about his stunningly original and thought-provoking mashup of technothriller and high fantasy with FALL; OR, DODGE IN HELL.

Fall, or Dodge in Hell is pure, unadulterated fun: a grand drama of analog and digital, man and machine, angels and demons, gods and followers, the finite and the eternal. In this exhilarating epic, Neal Stephenson raises profound existential questions and touches on the revolutionary breakthroughs that are transforming our future. Combining the technological, philosophical, and spiritual in one grand myth, he delivers a mind-blowing speculative literary saga for the modern age.

Get the book here: https://goo.gle/2SxwX85