Faith: First AI That Can Cry

Faith is the world’s first AI capable of crying.

The story depicts a mother and daughter reunited after being separated. Both voices are entirely computer generated using Sonantic’s AI text-to-speech technology.

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Directed & produced by Sonantic –

Written by John Flynn, Zeena Qureshi, Gaël van den Bossche & George Proud

Animation by Proud Studio –

Interviews by Another Story Productions –

Voice Technology by John Flynn, Zeena Qureshi, Ines Nolasco, Diane Magnin, Felix Vaughan, Pilar Oplustil, Francesca Della Moretta, Ger Carney, James Parsloe, Regina Hartman, Taylor Schackmann, Gaël van den Bossche & Mat Hill

Generative Logo by Pentagram –
Product Design by 3drops –

Further assistance by Marijn Maas & Benjamin Freeney

Special Thanks to EQT Ventures, AME Cloud Ventures, Entrepreneur First, Lyle Fong, Ted Persson, Lucy Wimmer, Bart Swanson, Charles Jolley, Kevin Lin, Ed Lando, Sathya Smith, Jeremy Yap, Chris Liu, Matthew Smith, and Spencer Hyman

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