Dizzy Gillespie & Orchestra, Helen Humes & many others in Jivin’ in Be-Bop (1947) (colorized)

Directed by Leonard Anderson

Salt peanuts 00:30
Be bab a lee’ba (Helen Humes, vocals) 03:50
Oop Bop Sh’bam 06:26
Johnny and Hennie 09:03
Shaw ’nuff 11:33 (Daisy Richardson)
I waited for you (Kenny ‘Pancho’ Hagood, vocals, w Dolores Brown) 14:21
Hubba-Hubba Blues (Dan Burley & Johnny Taylor) 17:14
NIght in Tunisia (Dancers: Audrey Armstrong, Phil Harris) 19:34
Crazy about a man (Helen Humes, vocals) 22:21
One bass hit 24:46
Boogie in C (Dan Burley & Johnny Taylor: organ & piano; Madeline ‘Sahji’ Jackson, dancer ) 27:27
Dynamo A (…, dancers) 30:03
Ornithology (Ray Sneed: tap dance) 32:38
He beeped when he should have bopped 35:10
Grosvenor’s Square (Daisy Richerdson, dancer) 38:00
Things to Come 40:31
Ray’s Idea (Ralph Brown, dancer) 43:16
Bag’s Boogie (Ray Sneed, dancer) 45:36
Hubba-Hubba Blues (Dan Burley & Johnny Taylor: organ & piano; Madeline ‘Sahji’ Jackson, dancer ) 48:03

Dizzy Gillespie and his Orchestra:- Dizzy Gillespie, trumpet, vocal, leader; Dave Burns, Elmon Wright, John Lynch, Matthew McKay, trumpet; Taswell Baird, Gordon Thomas, trombone; Howard Johnson, John Brown, alto sax; James Moody, tenor sax; Bill Frazier, baritone sax; Milt Jackson, vibraphone; John Lewis, piano; Ray Brown, acoustic double bass; Joe Harris, drums; Helen Humes, Kenny Hagood, vocal.

The uneven quality of the source video leads to an uneven colorization.

This version includes the musical parts only.
You can find the full version in B/W here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6d0o5D6L2eU