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Called a renaissance man of modern filmmaking, award-winning director David Lynch has been experimenting with film since the late 1960s. As a painter, musician, actor, and photographer, David approaches cinema with the eye of an artist, earning praise from mainstream audiences and critics alike.

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His films “Blue Velvet” and “Mulholland Drive” are counted among the most important of their era, and his work has garnered international recognition: four Academy Award nominations, the Venice Film Festival’s Career Golden Lion award for lifetime achievement, the Cannes Film Festival’s Palme d’Or, and others. Over the years, David has set himself apart by creating his own art-house style—a blend of expressionism, surrealism, and his distinct vision for conveying imagination, mood, and motivation.

In his MasterClass on Creativity and Film, David teaches you his approach to making films that defy the limitations of traditional storytelling. Learn how David catches new ideas and translates them into visionary narratives and atmospheric environments through cinema. Discover how he works with actors and other creatives on set, approaches production and postproduction, and embraces the art life in all he does. By deconstructing his process for catching new ideas and allowing them to guide each step in bringing his vision to the screen, from writing scripts to making the final cut, David teaches you to connect with your own creative capabilities and apply them to film and other forms of art.

In this online class, you’ll learn about:
• Attracting powerful ideas
• David’s creative process
• Writing screenplays
• Guerilla filmmaking
• Casting and working with actors
• Production design
• Lighting and cinematography
• Postproduction techniques
• Music and sound design
• Moving beyond traditional storytelling

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