Building AI-Powered Business Apps | Build With Glide

We took a deep dive into two apps created by Low Code that utilize AI to generate custom content, convert images to text, and gather insights from data to present meaningful results.

The first solution, Content Creator, allows you to create content for any social platform that’s tailored to your brand voice and audience with high-quality images to make your posts stand out. This is an example of using AI for ideation and content generation, but with Glide you can customize it in multiple ways including which platform you want to post like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked In

The second solution, Billing Buddy, is a sophisticated solution that utilizes AI to automatically generate new expense entries by type from photos of invoices. Not only does it utilize AI to convert images to text, but it gives you the ability to gain insights into your expense and request from the system particular search syntaxes such as “What did I spend this month on travel?”

These are powerful tools for businesses to utilize to maximize their efficiency.

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