Are We There Yet? (Ep. 1 w/ Keke Palmer and Vishal Shah)

Explore the boundless possibilities of the metaverse with Keke Palmer behind the wheel. In the very first episode of “Are We There Yet?”, Meta’s Vishal Shah and Keke Palmer discuss how the metaverse brings people together like never before. From virtual comedy clubs to karaoke bars, there are so many worlds to explore.

00:00 Welcome
00:11 Introducing “Are We There Yet?”
00:48 Meet Vishal Shah, VP of the Metaverse at Meta
01:30 What is the metaverse?
02:14 Who will build the metaverse?
02:34 Creating in the metaverse
03:38 Keeping your boundaries in the metaverse
04:43 Metaverse: Now, future, never
06:25 Tools to build in the metaverse

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