Aphex Twin at Field Day 2023 (NTS 360 video)

WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy

Watch in full screen to explore the 360 video (ensure YouTube Quality settings are set to HD with fast internet connection).
On mobile devices, open in the app. Also playable on virtual reality headsets.

Aphex Twin performs live in 360 video. Filmed at Field Day 2023 at Luno Presents All Points East in Victoria Park.

Creative Director – Weirdcore (@weirdcoretv)
Exec Producer – Chantal Adams (@chantal_adams), Samuel Strang (@strang_snz), Sean McAullife (@seantmcauliffe)
Visuals by Weirdcore (@weirdcoretv)
Visuals Assistant – Alfie Dwyer (@ze.zima), Andrew Benson (@pixlpa), Kevin Kripper (@vsynth74), Misha Notley (@_mishanotley_), Archie Taylor (@archietaylor)
360 Video Director – Ian Burke DigitalSelf (@vrvideographer)
Video Producer – Chantal Adams (@chantal_adams)
Videographers ā€“ Sonni Rossi, Gurbs Dosanjh (@gurbstagram), Talia Beale (@talia_beale)
Cablecam – DGTL Concepts (@dgtlconcepts), Sam Wordsworth, Amelia Wordsworth, Matt Conroy
Drone – Harry Cawthorne (@harrycawthorne)
BTS Videographer – Omar Allsop (@omarserge1)
Spatial Audio Recording & Mix – Call & Response
Spatial Audio Recording – Jono Cary (@jonocarysound)
Live Audio Engineering & Recording Mastering – Jamie Harley (@oldvalvemic)
Stage Monitoring ā€“ Paul Hatt
360 Video Editor – Ian Burke @ DigitalSelf (@vrvideographer)
Lighting Designer – Dave Ross (@darossld)
Lazer Designer – ER Productions (@erlasersandsfx)
Special thanks to Annabel Wilson, Andy Sweeney, James Burton, Luke Huxham, Ned Beckett, Tom Slater and Will Dickson

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