An Interview with Marina Abramović

Throughout her career, Marina Abramović has pioneered performance as an art form, putting her body at the center of events in space and time to engage with contemporary artistic, social, and political circumstances.

This month sees the launch of her first NFT project, The Hero 25FPS, a collaboration with CIRCA due to be minted on Tezos on 25 July, 2022.

Described as “a performance hosted on the blockchain,” the work revives the central theme of 2001’s The Hero, to be presented across the CIRCA global network of screens in London, Seoul, Milan, Berlin, Tokyo, Dublin, and New York — appearing every evening at 20:22 for three months. Filmed at 25 frames per second, unreleased material from the original work has now been separated into thousands of unique frames. Audiences will be invited to collect either a single unique frame (JPEG) or multiple unique frames in the form of a GIF. Given the artist’s centrality to the world of contemporary art, her decision to embrace the NFT community has profound implications for the future of the art world.