AMOR DE MÃE EM TEMPOS DE DISSONÂNCIA COGNITIVA by Tiago Miranda | Photography and documentation

A Mother’s Love in Times of Cognitive Dissonance
by Tiago Miranda

from 22nd to 31st of December 2021
Rua de Ponta Delgada, 26 A, Lisbon

In the middle of a technological and urban revolution, animalism took over our cities. First discreetly, then guerilla-style, and now as a declared open war. This animalism took over the political discourse and specifically the space of civil laws, reaching its apex when animals started to be considered “…living beings endowed with sensitivity and legal protections by virtue of their nature”.
Despite the animal world’s apparent victory, this victory is not for all. Equality granted by the republic still only applies to humans.

FAULT / FALHA is a creative project that explores the fragmentation and discontinuity of space, discourse, culture, and community – everywhere in the world.
We invited five distinguished artists to interpret and explore this theme.
Their work will be exhibited at our gallery in Lisbon between November 2021 and February 2022.