A Novel Path to Homeownership

Homeownership is an integral part of the American dream. But it’s fundamentally broken today. In this talk Adena Hefets, cofounder and CEO of Divvy Homes, explores the factors contributing to declining rates of homeownership. She makes a case for redefining what it means to own a home, how consumers get access mortgages, and what the future path to homeownership might look like.

Defining traditional homeownership [1:25]
Examining and comparing the traditional options of financing vs the emerging options [2:35]
The shared economy’s influence on real estate [3:00]
A brief history of the mortgage industry; the rise and fall of homeownership [3:26]
Adena shares stats on the groups most impacted by the housing crisis [5:19]
The 3 key factors impacting homeownership rates among millennials [6:17]
How entrepreneurs are rethinking the path to homeownership [9:20]
How Divvy Homes is changing access to homeownership [9:52]
The key benefits of the Divvy model of homeownership [12:07]

Pull Quotes
“When renters think and act like homeowners, it means you have lower vacancy, lower turnover, and as a result, lower maintenance costs per home.”