【4K, 60Fps Colorized】Peking (Beijing) in 100 years ago, Ancient China (Around1910-1920)【AI Recovery】

This video is for studying purpose.
Hello this is DGSpitzer! I use a series of AI to recover a video from 100 years ago!
It’s about Beijing street scene during 1920-1929. Shot by a Canadian photographer.
SFXs come from Internet, and thanks to Yan Qiuxia & Luo Yusheng for their music masterpieces.
Special thanks to Denis Shiryae for his tutorial!!~ Thanks ‘ v ‘
AI Pipeline – Using DAIN, DeOldify & ESRGAN ;P

Hope you like it!

Source video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_4muBuwnTA
Library and Archives Canada. National Film Board of Canada fonds, 1990-0347. IDC: 164831.